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Step 1. Download and Install Tier3Backup Personal Edition

Step 2. Installed and Setup Tier3Backup

(Note: Please make sure to use your e-mail address as the login name)

  1. After successful installation, Tier3Backup will be launched automatically.
  2. If you are using a proxy server to access the internet, please fill in the [Proxy settings] section.
  3. Select the [Trial Registration] option to register for a new trial backup account.
  4. Press the [OK] button.
  5. Enter a login name (e-mail address) and password of your choice (for the new trial backup account to be created)
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Press the [Submit] button.

Step 3. Create a new Backup Set

  1. After successful login, a backup set wizard will appear to help create your first backup set.
  2. Select the shortcuts in [Backup Source] to quickly select common files for Tier3Backup to backup.
  3. Press the [Advanced] button to select additional files that you want Tier3Backup to backup.
  4. Press the [Next] button.
  5. Enter a backup schedule for unattended backups.
  6. Press the [Next] button.
  7. Enter and confirm your encrypting key. (IMPORTANT - Do not lose this key!)
  8. Press the [Save] button.

Step 4. Backup and Restore Files

  1. To backup your files, just press the big [Backup] button.
  2. To restore your files, just press the big [Restore] button.

Step 5. Login to Online Portal to view Backup Data

  1. Login to portal with the account you created above.
  2. Click on Backup Sets, to view backups available to restore to any location

If you need any assistance getting started, e-mail our support department at or call 1-800-762-4912

To upgrade to a paid account, please register for an account.

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