Two Editions, Massive features

Tier3Backup Professional Edition is a multi-platform, robust and secure client software for backing up servers, workstations and Desktops in business environments,

Tier3Backup Personal Edition is a light version featuring simple settings and simple user interface for backing up desktops and laptops, for both business and home use.

Reliable and Proven Technology

Tier3Backup Personal Edition is a comprehensive data protection system. Tier3Backup offers an easy-to-use and reliable backup solution to safeguard your important personal or business data and ensure it is readily available when needed. Technology such as “Volume Shadow Copy” and “In-File Delta” and “Data Encryption” makes the backups reliable, fast and secure.

Low cost, best protection

Tier3 Online Backup offers complete protection to your data at the best value of money currently available in the market. If you do not have a backup, there is not much you can do to get your data back. Most people do not think about backups UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!!! Now you can protect your original music tracks, precious memories, important documents and assignments, your email settings, favorites, and much more... and have peace of mind!

Easy to use, simple to maintain

The client user interface is cleanly laid out so that backups (and restorations) can be done typically within a few clicks. Backups occur unattended, and you don’t need to close all your all your programs.

Secure data storage, multiple levels of protection

To further ensure your data safety, data is encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on the backup server. Hard Drive failure is only one possible cause of data loses. Offsite backups are essential to protect your valuable Data from theft, loss, corruption, human error and nature disaster.

Simple & smart restore from anywhere at anytime

Tier3Backups’s web interface allows you to restore your backup files from anywhere at anytime. Moreover, Tier3 provides flexible retention policy settings which allow you to restore snapshots of your data sets as of a particular point in time to recover a past version of a file.

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